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Policies for Lancaster by Paul Fisher (A Palace Citizen)



Time for Change by Jess Mistry (A Palace Citizen)


About 'Time for Change'

Culture only consists in the imagination of previous generations, that’s the fabric of culture. By extension, the fabric of tomorrow’s culture is the imagination of today.
- A Palace Citizen

Inspired by the power of the people, Time For Change is a soundscape of protests from around the world spanning over the last 10 years, all united by injustice, communal voices and rhythm. The piece explores the impact communities have when expressing their views and speaking up for a change for the better. Expressing themes of time, power, injustice, unity and justice. I wanted to produce a piece that built on the idea that people have the power to inspire change. These protests were started with the hope of changing perception or actions and I think there’s a beauty and power in people realising that the ‘culture’ of tomorrow can truly be changed by the actions and viewpoints we have today. Rhythm is a continuous part of many of the protests, so I tried to fuse them together to incorporate a sense of unity within communities of people, using sound as we travel from one protest to the next.


List of protests used:

Black Lives Matter protest- Toronto 06/05/2020

Los Gitos De Mexico (The cries of Mexico)- more than 20 million people gathered to make noise

Protest against anti-immigration law- Abolish ICE- Portland- Election night 2018

Violin Vigil for Elijah McClain- 28/06/2020

Government protests- Icelandic financial crisis- Autumn 2010

Black Lives Matter Protest- Lisbon- June 2020

Rally/Protest against educational cuts and heavy-handling policing- Valencia, Spain- February 2012

Protest during major economical crisis in Portugal- 2011

Protests on streets of Kerala- Women of Kerala made 620km human chain for gender equality, access to Sabarimala Temple- January 2019

Climate Strike- Guildford- 2019