This archive is a collection of audio and images that The Bare Project have found and gathered. It all began when, on our way elsewhere, we found a large cardboard box. Inside we found lots of old cassette tapes, blueprints, and a bundle of mismatched cutlery. At the top of one of the blueprints was a title which read ‘The People’s Palace of Possibility’. From what we can tell, what we had found was a record of a utopian project. We believe it has had a long and somewhat troubled life, with many versions of ‘The Palace’ coming into existence, and then disappearing again. It seemed only right that we try to rebuild this Palace now. There is a live installation touring the UK in 2023/24 (more info here).


This digital archive contains some of the voices from the cassette tapes we could salvage. Most of the voices within this archive are from a postal version of The People’s Palace of Possibility which we did from 2020 – 2021, at a time when we could not gather in person. These voices are talking about what makes us feel part of collective, what we daydream about, and what we feel when we think about the world. They are vocalising our hopes and our fears for the future. Those who contributed are from Stockton, Sheffield, South London, Oxford, Leicester, Lancaster, Morecambe and Preston. Many more will be added.


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